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Project Showcase
 #11 Coater Calender  on Assembly Bench at HPM
Coater Calendar Section
In-Line Digital Perforator in Operation
In-Line Digital Perforator
Rail Carts Designed and Built by Haanen Packard Machinery
Specialty Rail Cart

In-Line Digital Perforator in Operation

In Line Perforator in Operation

96" In-Line Digital Perforator
Project Scope   Design and fabricate a machine to perforate polyethylene foam sheet in-line, prior to winding. The perforations are across the sheet width and used to tear sheets off the roll, as you would a paper towel.  Speed for blown polyethylene foam sheet is 180 to 200 feet per minute. Web width is 84.  The machine perforates at a minimum of 5 1/2" intervals up to one perforation per roll, at line speed.
Original Design:  Alan Packard & John Haanen
Project Designer:  Michael Haanen
Built By:  Haanen Packard Machinery





Haanen Packard Machinery   16 Allen Street   Hudson Falls  NY 12839     Phone 518-747-2330     Fax 518-747-2315